Other modes of study

Would you like to follow a lecture series that particularly appeals to you, but without the obligations that usually go with it? Or do you want to study part time for a while? Take a look below at the different options for student registration available to you.  

A la carte and contract students

Do you want to follow courses and take exams, but don’t want to follow the whole study programme? If so, some study programmes offer the option of registering as a contract or A la Carte student.
The A la carte programme offers individual courses without earning credits. 
For the contract courses an exam will be held at the end of the course and credit points are awarded. 

You can arrange registration directly with the study programme in question.  

Tuition fees
Tuition fees for studying as a contract student vary depending on the study programme and number of courses followed. For more information please contact the study programme directly.

For an overview of studies and subjects go to our A la Carte prospectus or Contract education prospectus.

Guest student

If you are registered as a student at another Dutch university or HBO institution, you can request registration as a guest student at Leiden University. To do so you should submit a registration form, along with the following accompanying documents: 

  • a statement of consent (verklaring van geen bezwaar) from your own university or HBO institution, stating that you are permitted to follow the course in question with us
  • a statement of consent from the study programme here at Leiden University declaring that they have no objections to you following the course
  • an original proof of tuition fee payment (not a copy) from your own university or HBO institution. Please note that a proof of student registration document or copy of a bank statement is not sufficient. 

Tuition fees
Your original proof of tuition fee payment (see above) is generally sufficient. However we advise you to always verify this with the Student Affairs Front Office.

Termination of registration
To terminate your registration please submit a termination of registration form.

Higher education for mature students

The HOVO (University of the Third Age) offers lectures at university level for mature students aged fifty and over. Lectures are generally conducted by current or former teaching staff members from Leiden University. A range of subjects, from the fields of liberal arts, humanities, social sciences and natural sciences, are offered.

You can register for each specific course by completing a registration form (available in Dutch only).

Tuition fees
For information on tuition fees please contact HOVO directly, by telephone: 071 527 72 99 (Monday till Thursday 10:00-13:00), or by email: hovo@sea.leidenuniv.nl

Non-examination/Auditing student

If you would like to follow a few courses, but not sit any exams – also known as auditing a course - you can register as a non-examination student at Leiden University. After paying the tuition fee for an entire academic year (September - August), you are permitted to follow an unlimited number of courses. If you would like to take exams you should instead register as a contract student – see above.

You should register with the Student Affairs Front Office. For each course, a statement is required from the study advisor of the study programme in question. If you will follow courses from more than one study programme you will require more than one statement.

Tuition fees
The tuition fee should be transferred to Leiden University’s bank account ( Don’t forget to state your student number in the transfer. You will receive your student number after you submit your request for registration.  

Part-time student

If you have one of the diplomas mentioned below you can request direct registration as a part-time bachelor’s student via Studielink:

  • a vwo (Dutch pre-university) diploma
  • a propedeuse (first year) or bachelor’s diploma from a Dutch university
  • a propedeuse (first year) or bachelor’s diploma from a Dutch HBO institution

If you do not have one of the above-mentioned diplomas you must also submit an application for admission to Leiden University’s Admissions Office, in addition to registering via Studielink

Always check whether there are any subject specific admission requirements or if there is a limited quota lottery/selection procedure for the programme in question. 

Important note: If you wish to register on a degree programme after 1 October, you will require special written permission from the study advisor of the programme in question.

More information on registration as a bachelor’s or master’s student

Tuition fees
The tuition fee for part-time students is generally the same as that for full-time students. However please note that different regulations may apply for non-government funded degree programmes, such as the ‘Master of Laws – Advanced Studies’ programmes. Further information can be requested directly from the study programme in question.

Termination of registration
For the majority of degree programmes you can terminate your student registration via Studielink. However please note that for non-government funded degree programmes you must instead submit a ‘Termination of Registration Form’.  

Please refer to our information on terminating or changing your registration.   

Free Online Courses / MOOC

Online courses Leiden (Coursera)

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Sending or handing-in forms

Always ensure that all the necessary accompanying documents are included with your form. Incomplete requests will be returned to the sender.

Forms may only be sent by post, or handed-in at:
The Student Affairs Front Office
Kaiserstraat 25

Last Modified: 28-11-2017